Three words are prevalent in our logo: Quality, Safety and Community.  These are the values that matter most and equally in our organization.



QUALITY: We care about our industry and the food we prepare.  We want quality associated with our members.  Quality in the food sources we use.  Quality in the service we provide to our consumers.  Quality in the relationships we have with others.

We use the same suppliers you are familiar with when dining out.  Some of our members  gained experience at familiar restaurants and culinary education institutions.  We also hold ourselves to the highest accountability in our work ethic.  Operating a mobile business presents many challenges and we remain professional when interacting with our stakeholders.

SAFETY: We care about safety.  Our mobile businesses are inspected by the state and county agencies that govern their operations.  Our businesses have passed inspections. For those inspected under Environmental Health, we strive for high scores.   We take pride that our food is not only of great quality, but safe for consumption.  We also operate safe mobile businesses.  We routinely maintain our vehicles so they are moving and operating safely.

COMMUNITY: We cannot thank the community enough for following us enthusiastically.  We appreciate when we can witness customers smile while enjoying our food.  This is why we focus on giving back to the community.  Not only do we want to serve the community, we want to be a part of the community.

Community is also something within the association.  Our association is a community of “co-opetition”.  Our industry strives on the support we give each other,  but we also enjoy fair competition within our association. 

The better our product tastes, the more people will want it and the more our industry can thrive! I know that I could make
a cheaper beverage using less quality ingredients or less locally sourced ingredients but I choose to invest in quality so that my customers can get the best!
— Tim Morris, Caffe Bellezza Mobile coffee bar